How To Choose Electric Bike Mode?

We bring you this article, hope it helps you understand the different electric bicycle assist modes so that you can make better choices when buying.

Choosing the best electric bike usually depends on whether you like accelerator or pedal assist mode. If you use an electric bicycle because you cannot ride a traditional bicycle safely, the throttle mode will allow you to ride without worrying about stepping on it. If you prefer something that can provide more exercise, then a pedal-assisted electric bicycle will be your ideal choice.

Our bike's assist system is a speed sensor. The motor assist is set according to the speed. The speed sensor allows you to accurately track the current speed and support level. We use speed sensors to provide pedal support.

If you have ever ridden a motorcycle or scooter, using the accelerator is not difficult for you. Regardless of whether you are pedaling or not, you can enable the accelerator mode for the electric bike to push the bike forward, which is helpful when you feel very lazy but still want the satisfaction of escaping the city.

We provides two throttles:

Half Twist Throttle

The working principle of the half-twist throttle is similar to the conventional throttle on a motorcycle. Slide it onto the handlebar, tighten it, and twist it by hand. This is the excitement of high-speed power. We are sure that our fat tire bike mopeds and all-terrain fat tires can bring you an unforgettable travel experience in a noisy city. At the same time, compared with motorcyclists, our fat tire bike is more friendly to the natural environment-we will not make a noticeable sound. The combination of fatty tires and throttle makes all gamers excited, and we have never aged in this game.

Thumb Throttle

The thumb twist is the smaller option. The small lever protrudes and you can press it with your thumb to activate the throttle.

Pedal Assist Mode

Pedal mode only provides power when you step on the pedal. When I was working in New York, most of my friends were crazy about going to work by bike. The London Underground has never been friendly to these well-dressed elites. I thought that electric bicycles were perfect for them. I was more certain of this until a friend injured his knee from cycling for a long time every day.

Pedal Assist Level

We has five pedal assist settings-ranging from 1 to 5. To make this easier to understand, pedal assist is an operating mode of an electric bicycle, which is designed to turn on the electric bicycle motor to help you pedal. When operating the bicycle in pedal assist mode, you can change the settings to best suit you.

Our bikes provide you with two options. Choose a bicycle trip, whether you are traveling through the city or through the jungle, you will escape for your soul and body. We hope you like this article, and we hope you can find suitable choices from this information, and feel relieved during your journey.